She’s only 23 and yet already competing at the fourth highest level of racing in America. Born into a long line of race car drivers, Logan Misuraca took the wheel for the first time at age four. Today she’s not just racing endlessly around a track, but this motorsports star is really going places!

Fuel 4 Ever is proud to welcome Logan into the Fueler wellness community as another rising student-athlete who‘s committed to fueling up the healthy way. And on the side, inspiring energetic crowds. This is what makes the Fuel 4 Ever athlete!

What really sets Logan apart is her determination to make a difference with 1inaMillion.Life, a movement she founded to spread awareness about mental health. The ultimate goal? To mold a community, normalize the journey, talk of its existence, and most importantly, share the opportunity to grow. Through 1inaMillion.Life, Logan’s fundraising engages donors to help adorn her 2023 ARCA Menards race car with one million blocks showcasing contributors’ names, images and logos. The one-of-a-kind race car will debut at Daytona International Speedway in February 2023.

Like so many, including Fuel 4 Ever Co-founder Danielle Stanton, Logan faced a period of trial along the way, naturally struggling in what’s known as a male-dominated sport. But she persevered and says, “I was eager to push through for I knew the reward was much larger than the restraint.” We’re pleased to introduce this impressive young woman and hope you’ll take notice of how she uses her platform to empower others!

Athlete Profile

Name: Logan Misuraca
School: University of Central Florida (UCF)
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Sport: Racing        
Home Track: Daytona International Speedway
Next Event: November 11, New Smyrna Speedway Governors Cup

What’s your motto?
I have recently found “all you need is you” as an affirmation, a motto in everyday life — for you are the only one that can create change, struggle and success in your life.

What are your greatest ambitions?
I hope to be in the NASCAR Cup Series someday, competing at such a level that [only] legends have competed. I also aim to motivate and inspire any young, aspiring people, even those not in racing, and ultimately make a difference through my career in NASCAR.

On the track and off, what fuels your aspirations? 
I am fueled by the opportunity to make a change to my own life, to someone else’s life and to a community — to stand with power and strength, and prove my hard work on and off the track…

What can you tell me about racing and how your health and wellness matters?
In racing, it is crucial to live a positive lifestyle and stay fit for we are behind the wheel in a race car for sometimes over two to three hours. It is important to train the mind, as well as the body, to withstand such conditions that demand your full effort each and every lap: the heat during summer races, the heat of the car alone, the mindset to stay sharp… thinking through every lap on how to get faster. Mental and physical fitness [are] huge; lacking one or the other can be dangerous.

Similarly, what goes into training for the sport?
Race car drivers are very fitness-oriented athletes that work a lot on cardio and endurance. Staying slim and toned is the most ideal for a race car driver due to the demanding conditions a single race requires. Racers also work a lot on reaction times and cognitive training to help us stay alert and exercise our minds.

Do you have a favorite Fuel 4 Ever product?
I love Fuel 4 Ever’s FAST product; I practice intermittent fasting often and it gives me the best feeling before a fasted workout. After consuming FAST, I feel much more alive, and eager to conquer the day and my workouts!

What accomplishment are you proudest of so far?
My biggest accomplishment is how far I have come. Racing has many highs and lows and has been discouraging at times… but I stayed strong and pushed through, and have been blessed with such amazing opportunities.

Coolest story or experience from the race track?
My coolest experience from the race track has to be taking my parents for a ride at nearly 185+ mph around Daytona International Speedway… showing them my zen and passion behind the wheel firsthand.

What tips do you have for other aspiring race car drivers?

Never give up! It will get hard, life will test you and put major walls in your way, but if you just stick with it, an opportunity will align sooner or later with the right devotion. You are your biggest competitor… your biggest critic, but most importantly YOU are the only one that can help you. 

Fitness Faves

Favorite pre-race ritual: Praying
Favorite post-race snack: Cheese fries!
Favorite wind-down activity: Debrief meeting at Waffle House with her mom