Meet Danielle

Danielle Stanton CEO of Fuel 4 Ever

Meet Danielle

Hi, I’m Danielle Stanton. And after searching for more answers in my own quest for improved health and longevity, I want to help people like you live the long life you deserve. 

About six years ago, I hit rock bottom. I was struggling with so many confusing health issues at once, I didn’t know what to do: depression and anxiety post-divorce, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and gut issues that landed me in the hospital, heavy metals, problems with sleep and dependency on Ambien, thyroid issues, and weight gain. Doctor visits only resulted in more prescriptions and I thought, enough is enough!

I desperately wanted to be healthy for my kids and started paying better attention to what I was putting into my body. But just adding what I thought were safe, natural supplements to my routine was actually messing with my body even more.

So my journey toward holistic wellness and organic, farm-to-table eating has brought me here, to share what I’ve learned. I’ve always wanted to help people–I originally majored in social work and eventually earned a Masters in Counseling/Education.

Here, it all comes full circle. Wellness is a way of life. It’s something you need to commit to. I’d like to teach you about longevity and fueling your body for the future. 

Learn more about FAST and SLEEP and begin your wellness journey today!