After a successful product launch event August 1, Fuel 4 Ever’s all natural, filler-free flagship supplements FAST and SLEEP are on shelves at lululemon’s Mall of America (MOA) location in Minnesota, while supplies last.

Consumers can purchase FAST ($44.95) and SLEEP ($42.95) at lululemon’s Fuel Space Cafe, located inside the experiential store at MOA (the largest mall in North America).

Carefully crafted without fillers, dyes or other additives — a rarity in the supplement industry — Fuel 4 Ever’s all natural powder formulas are designed to support gut health and healthy lifestyles.

FAST: A safe, all natural dietary supplement designed to enhance any healthy fast with nutrition that includes creatine monohydrate, green tea extract, essential amino acids, and important electrolytes and minerals.

SLEEP: A non-addictive supplement that supports more restful, quality sleep with the natural calming effects of magnesium (four different forms), lemon balm and KSM-66 ashwagandha®, and the naturally detoxifying duo of chlorella and cilantro.

About Fuel 4 Ever

Fuel 4 Ever is a family owned, health-conscious supplement company founded in 2020 by dynamic husband and wife duo Danielle and David Stanton upon one simple principle: When you care about what you put into your body, it can change your life. Out of their own desire to fuel up with clean eating and high-quality ingredients, the Stantons set out to create safe, all-natural dietary supplements that aim to support wellness and longevity. Fuel 4 Ever is lululemon MOA’s newest fuel partner. Visit and follow @fuel4ever_ on Instagram.